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About us

We are a Mexican company, dedicated to approaching the best players in all sports and pop culture personalities, so that you can acquire collectibles that will be with you forever.

Our main engine is your passion as a fan of sports or figures of the pop world. We want to give you access to a universe that few can reach, giving you a unique connection to your favorite stars, and all we need to do this is to give us a visit.

At On Field México we have access to the best and most famous personalities, so that you can feel closer to them through exclusive collectible products, such as a jersey signed by your favorite soccer player, a baseball signed by the best player in history, a basketball signed by a star like Michael Jordan, or even the cache of a stadium that was collapsed but is still present in your memories, such as a bench in the old "Texas Stadium" of the Cowboys.

All these products have a certificate of authenticity (CDA) from the best brands in the world, such as Steiner, Tristar, PSA / DNA, JSA, Beckett or Field of Dreams, and we also guarantee your satisfaction.